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All of our programs that we have done


Enlighten Yourself

“Enlighten Yourself” is the earnest effort to reach and help every soul to lift their spirit, moral and live their life to the fullest with positive spirit. Youth have the power to remove darkness from the society by enlightened themselves. Enlighten Yourself is a long term project of Youth Club of Bangladesh which mission is to develop individuals and teams to ensure their full potential. YCB approach to training and development and our mission is to build effective teams, develop individuals and measurably improve performance within organizations and others. Our objectives are to enhance Youths effectiveness through training and workshops and give them a great revelation about the divinity of the world. From 2015 YCB organized 10 trainings and workshops by the help of South Asian Youth Research Institute for Development (SAYRID), Hope87, Step Up Foundation and WSDA NZ where approximately 300 youths enlightened themselves.


Let's Fight Against Thalassaemia

Thalassaemia is the name of a group of genetic inherited disorder of blood. In Bangladesh about more than 3.9 % people are carrier and most of them even don’t know that they are carrier of this crippling disorder. Youth Club of Bangladesh has taken an initiative to aware young people about this disorder in collaboration with Bangladesh Thalassaemia Samity and Hospital and named the project “Lets Fight Against Thalassaemia”. It is one of leading project of YCB, Till 2013 YCB organized 3 facilitator training for volunteers , 15 Awareness seminar and Carrier Detection Campaign among 15 different universities students, 1500 free carrier detection test among students, 1 Day Long Conference named ‘Thalassaemia : Treatment and Beyond”, 4 Mass people awareness Campains, Poster Campaigns in Dhaka and Comilla City ,2 round Table discussion program, rally and Road show in Dhaka City as a part of observing International Thalassaemia Day. We got support from International Thalassaemia foundation, Dhaka Shishu Hospital, CMUD Events, Alokito Bangladesh , kaler kantha , Radio Vubon, Radio Next , samakal, The Bangladesh Today, desh tv and so on.


Nutrition for All

Rates of malnutrition in Bangladesh are among the highest in the world. Bangladeshi children also suffer from high rates of micronutrient deficiency, particularly vitamin A, iron, iodine & zinc deficiency. Malnutrition among women is also extremely prevalent in Bangladesh, the nutritional status of Dhaka is a sensitive indicator of health economy & the sustainable development of Bangladesh. Youth club of Bangladesh basically will work to increase the nutritional status of deprived children as well as mother through training, create awareness by social media, publications etc. We also research on nutrition for enrichment.


Save & Rescue

Bangladesh is an under developing and low-income country, a major population lives under the poverty. However,a natural calamities and disasters are playing a vital role to create a difference at household level in terms of geographical area, Government of Bangladesh has developed a list of natural and artificial disasters where flood, cyclone, drought, tornadoes, river bank erosion, water logging, salinity, landslides, fire, road traffic accident, building collapse, unconditional accident and etc. we believe that youth generation of Bangladesh should come forward to face all the calamities with proper information, knowledge, support, training, logistics and etc. To serve this purpose, Youth Club of Bangladesh wants to create awareness, trained a team, develop a network including information and support, in order to reduce the accidents from highway to home. Objective of this project is to Create a strong Emergency Responder Team (ERT) at Community Level (especially University, Colleges, Community Clubs),Create awareness among the young people,Develop a network hub,Create an information center for emergency response ,Work at policy level to take action on “Reducing Death Rate on Accidental Case etc.


Bring Happiness In Ramadan

Bring Happiness in Ramadan is a long term project of Youth Club Of Bangladesh and the goal is to serve the deprived section of our community. Youth Club Of Bangladesh has taken a initiative to provide iftar, donate clothes & the Holy Quran in month of Ramadan among the deprive people specially disable children, make them happy and provide nutrious food at least for one day. YCB-Members successfully doing this last 4 years by their own afford at Dhaka and Comilla,


YCB SAYRID Fellowship on Social Research

Youth research is significant because it encourages and allows young people to be inquisitive about the issues that interests and influences them. Without research, the intellectual development of the youth will be drawn back by limitations and our society will remain in darkness., the purpose of research is to inform ourselves and the wider society about social issues, to establish an action-plan and to acquire valuable experience in sociological research. So, research holds a great importance for youth development and is a fundamental aspect of any society’s social revolution. On that view Youth Club of Bangladesh(YCB) by the support of South Asian Youth Research Institute for Development (Sayrid.)start a fellowship program named “ YCB SAYRID Fellowship on Social Reserch.” Our objevtive is to To engage the youth in social research and to create a platform for youth with an opportunity to make difference. From 2016 we have started 1st phase of this fellowship program along with 20 fellows. We offer themselves workshop , class, field work and recognisation as “ YCB SAYRID Fellow”.


Youth Information Center and Library (YICL)  

Youth Information Center and Library (YICL) is an initiative to tribute MD Abdul Momen. MD Abdul Momen was a former director of Department of Youth Development, Ministry of Youth and Sports and senior program officer Common Wealth Youth Program, Asia Center who contributed a lot on Youth Development of Bangladesh during his service life. After his death Md. Rezaul Karim Babu has taken an initiative to tribute Abdul Momen, under the umbrella of HOPE 87, Youth Club of Bangladesh and SONNE International to establish Youth Information Center and Library.
Youth Information Center and Library is a platform for youth where they can enrich themselves through huge collection of youth related books, journals, magazines etc. and this center also play a role as an archive of youth organizational information (registered and nonregistered).



Environmental pollution is as old civilization its self. It has become a major concern in the last
few decades.It is more prone in case of Bangladesh.Several air, water and noise pollution are
threatening human health, eco system and economic growth of Bangladesh. Air pollution
caused due to increasing population, burning fossil fuels, industrialization, associated
motorization and deforestation. For these reason carbon material is increasing day by day.
Therefore, many health hazards occur (Asthma, COPD, Bronchial Cancer, Coronary Artery
Disease, MI etc.). To save our future generation we need a healthy environment. Youth club of
Bangladesh committed to aware people about these deathly threats. Our objectives are to
promote awareness on local & global environmental issue among young population, to create a
space for youth to advocate on environmental issue, to build knowledge & skill for
environmental & climate change issue and to creating network in like mind organization .

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