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About Youth Club of Bangladesh


Bangladesh is a country of huge opportunity. The young of this country can enhance the future development. Youth Club of Bangladesh is formed to explore the confidence and creativity of the youth which can help to form a prosperous nation. It has started its mission by a group of active citizens in 12 august 2013. Youth Club of Bangladesh (YCB) is a non profitable, non political, volunteer organization lead by a group of progressive youth. It is mandatory to empower the youth to create a self-dependent nation and all the members of YCB are enlighten to the motto to build not only their own leading future but also to provide boon to other. "We Can Change Our World" believed by all members of YCB who committed to form an open platform.

In 2015, YCB is enlisted by Department of Youth Development under the Ministry of Youth & Sports as non-profit, non-political, volunteer organization. YCB believes that youth should be given the chance to take an active part in community development & also decision making of local, national, regional and international levels for building a better nation as well as world.






Message From The President

Youth Club of Bangladesh (YCB) is a place where youth activity is a tradition , leadership a passion and lifelong learning a habit . YCB founded in 12th Auguest 2013 by a group of active citizens with the Moto   “ We Can Change Our World” .

YCB offers open platform to creat a better citizens of tomorrow. Our country lies in the hand of our youth who are field with tremandos and towering ambitionns. Youth are strong forces in social movements and they are problem solvers . As our nations is facing a lot of problems so we need them to resolve most of our problems fro a common platform like YCB.
I belive that the youths are capabale of solving all problems but they just need to be given a chance to prove themselves . Knowladge, research and business experience are blended by the YCB members to produce future leaders in Bangladesh.

We consistenly design and update our activities according to the recruitment. As a aresult our members are thriving as executives, leaders, entrepreneurs and pioneers of changes as well as in the government sector and the private sector.with our many stellar achivements we are dedicated to achieve our goal, and proud of our leadership role in Bangladeshs. 

                                                                                                                        Arefin Rahman Himel                                                                                                                                         President

Our Milestone 


Got 2nd Prize in Active Citizens Regional Achiver Summit 2014.

Secretary General of YCB Selected for ISV in UK from British Council.


1st Time in Bangladesh, Organized Day Long Conference on Thalassaemia for Non Medical Students at BSMMU. 


To celebrate International Youth Day organized YCB'ian Conference where 300+ participants attended from 36 different institutes and 20+ national & international organizations.

Got enlisted from Department of Youth Development Under The Ministry of Youth & Sports as a non profit non political volunteer organization. 


President of YCB Selected for Global Social Action Project Showcasing program by British Council for Best Social Action Project in Bangladesh.

Got Membership of Commonwelth Education Hub, Health Hub, NGCAF,IHRA,BATA,IYCN,IYC.

Affiliated with 15 National & International Organizations.

Established Thalassaemia Carrier Counseling Center.

Established a Social Buisness named "Youth Village".


YCB president awarded "Queen’s Coomonwealth Points of Light Award".

3 Project of YCB got Awarded in  "Active Citizen Regional Achievers’ Summit 2018"

YCB General Secretary awarded "YCB-Computer Jagat Youth Excellence Award 2018"


Youth Club of Bangladesh became the Global partner of #ACT4SDGs which is a semi organization of United Nations. This organization is working for achieving the SDG goals of UN all over the world.

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